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  • User experience
  • Unlimited devices
  • ChatGPT supported
  • Privacy protection

High-quality encrypted network acceleration

This site uses V2 unique port forwarding technology, enabling smooth 4K streaming while protecting user data and privacy; Intelligent traffic splitting system, direct connection for domestic websites, enhancing user experience; Acceleration for commonly used foreign websites

Industry Standard

Easily enjoy 4K quality
Mainland China usage smoothing and unaffected
Optimization for domestic and international websites

Leading technology

Intelligent traffic splitting, V2's unique forwarding technology
Dedicated lines for government and enterprises, and special lines
Compatible with all mobiles signals and networks
Unlimited device usage

Customer First

Reasonable pricing
Telegram customer support
Zero-code foundation
With detailed tutorials

Unique Forwarding Technology

This site’s unique forwarding technology achieves unprecedented access speeds. This is the result of our investment in excellent data center hardware and continuous refinement of secure forwarding technology, supported by the V2 client for greater stability and security. Nodes are deployed in Hong Kong, the USA, Japan, Germany, France, Canada, Malaysia, and more....


Ping Time


Http Download Speed

Convenient for foreigners to use in mainland China. Consider the overall situation, please bookmark theBackup Link

We are:

V2RayZ was established in June 2019 and is a network bandwidth service provider. Our team has established long-term bandwidth partnerships in Canada, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and the USA. V2RayZ primarily provides v2ray bandwidth services for people outside mainland China. Our services are known for being fast, stable, and cross-platform. V2RayZ's vision is to enable everyone to use the internet freely and securely.

  • 50+ Nodes
  • Encrypted Protocol
Best V2RayZ Service

Technical Support

電郵:[email protected]


Your privacy being protected

Anonymous access to the Internet
Registration requires only an email address, convenient and fast
Supports WeChatPay and Alipay

4K Streaming Playback

Nodes with native IPs, natively support Netflix, HBO, Hulu, Disney+, etc. Tested by over a thousand users daily. Smooth playback without buffering. Not all accelerators on the market support this feature (some provinces may have restrictions).

Cross-platform and multi-device compatibility

Our service supports Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Android TV+, and even OpenWrt, Merlin, LEDE, etc. One account covers phones, computers, tablets, and TVs and more!

Worldwide Customer Experiences

Resilient Against Blockages, simplifying Your Internet Access

Our customers come from all over the world, and their experiences demonstrate the high quality and stability of our services. No matter where they are, our technology ensures superior customer service, consistently receiving high praise.


I am well connected , we do lots of business with China now and I this need technical services. Using this v2ray service is my daily need to connect. And the staff also speak good english, hard to find.

@Victor Zhang(中國大陸)


@jack rose(中國大陸)


@Frank Lee (Hong Kong)

作為港人,V2RayZ 令我可以自由、安全地使用互聯網,感謝他們的專業服務,比市面的vpn好用好多。

Hassle-Free Customer Support

We have extensive experience in bandwidth services and maintain long-term partnerships within mainland China and overseas. No matter what issues arise, our professional technical support team responds swiftly to resolve your problems, ensuring you can enjoy a high-quality internet experience without worries.

  • Adapted for Everyday Use
  • No Hidden Costs
  • "Major Challenges," Always Pass the Test
  • Detailed Tutorial Instructions
  • Detailed Tutorial Instructions

Providing Internet Assurance

Accessing the internet effectively is a challenge for many users in Mainland China. We are dedicated to creating a stable, fast, free, and simple Internet environment for our customers. That's right, even something as simple as getting online needs assurance.



New user trial short-term plan

  • Unlock China Mobile and Telecome relay
  • High bandwidth, low latency
  • Available on all platforms, unlimited devices
  • 4K resolution
  • 80G/Month


The most cost-effective option

  • Unlock premium CN2 relay
  • High bandwidth, low latency
  • Available on all platforms, unlimited devices
  • 4K resolution
  • 200G/Quarter


The most comprehensive routes, sufficient data, and stable subscription experience

  • Unlock enterprise and Shenzhen - Hong Kong dedicated routes
  • High bandwidth, low latency
  • Available on all platforms, unlimited devices
  • 4K resolution
  • 1000G/Year

Start your network acceleration journey now

Experience unprecedented high-speed China Mobile and Unicom relay, dedicated routes and level CN2, gov and enterprise dedicated lines, and Shenzhen-Hong Kong dedicated routes!

  • Free Renewal Coverage if Unable to Use
  • 24-hour TG customer service support