What is V2RayZ?

V2rayZ is a bandwidth provider founded in Jun, 2019. The team has technicians from Canada, HongKong, Taiwan and the United States, who have long-term bandwidth relationships between Mainland China and overseas. V2RayZ provides v2ray bandwidth service mainly to foreigners in Mainland China. The bandwidth service is known for fast, stable, and cross-platform. V2RayZ provides a vision where everybody could use the Internet freely and securely.

What is V2Ray?

In short, v2ray is a proxy software. V2Ray is the sub-section of Project V that's responsible for network protocols and communication. Unlike the proxy software Shadowsocks, it doesn't have the concepts of client and server. But V2RayZ users still need to install the client software/app in order to use it.

What is Vmess?

In fact, it is a link that you can add it to your software or app. V2ray and its VMess protocol were designed to improve on the performance and features of Shadowsocks and aid in detection prevention. When deploying V2Ray, you can dynamically change port, access advanced routing features, use obfuscation techniques, chain proxies, and more. Though this makes V2Ray more complicated than single proxy protocols like Shadowsocks, it means it can be used for more niche configurations and scenarios. Usually, vmess is used to add a single node into the client software/app. But when you want to add all nodes from V2RayZ, a subscription link is recommanded to be added.

What is subscription link?

A subscription link is a link to update all your node information from our servers. A proper setting of your v2ray client is necessary. But sometimes when things happen:

  • DNS pollution is happening, you cannot get access to V2RayZ.
  • A new node is deployed by V2RayZ, and you didn't know.
  • Users wrongly delete the nodes.
  • Then with the wrong settings, you are not able to connect to the "real internet".

    How to access V2RayZ's Website?

    Shorten links (usually more secure access):

    What should I do after I go into the website?

    Don't worry, hereby there are some steps:

    1. Sign up your VRayZ account and log in.
    2. attachment/website_settings/v2_login.jpg
    3. When Logged in, you are able to find a package to purchase. attachment/website_settings/v2_login2.jpg
    4. Usually, an annual package is recommended in order to prevent the package to be expired too soon.
      Remember to hit the Hide Menu button.
    5. Confirm your package and hit Checkout.
    6. If you are an affiliate or you have credit balance, you could use it, otherwise choose Alipay/WechatPay to pay.
    7. Wait for the payment gateway to buffer a little bit.
    8. Scan the Qr Code using your Alipay or WechatPay App and purchase to support us.
    9. Then you can find your service package by hitting My Services.
    10. Click one package and you will enter the package page, the subscription link is listed below. The subscription link is the most important asset, do not share with others. You can now copy the link by hitting the second copy button, and paste it to your v2ray client software or app.